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Darrin Coe, Ph.D.
Darrin Coe  

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Fall 2013 Course Offerings:

PSYC 250 000A & 000B Human Growth & Development (campus)

SOWK 300 000A Professional Ethics (campus)

SOWK 330 000A Diversity Issues in Counseling (campus)



Darrin Coe, PhD, received his Ph.D. in General Psychology from Walden University in 2012. His focus was in the area of developmental psychology, research design, and program evaluation, with emphases is the areas of human research ethics, using humor in counseling, and developing community level mental health interventions. Darrin's academic interests include exploration of the ecological and niche theories of human growth and development, understanding the development of hope during childhood, and developing a deeper understanding of the developmental and psychological dynamics of Down syndrome.  Darrin is initiating a study on the development and prediction of aggression throughout the lifespan.


Darrin’s past career accomplishments centered on working as a mental health clinician and counselor. From 2001 to 2013 Darrin worked at the Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC) as a mental health clinician conducting therapy groups, 1:1 counseling, intake assessments, differential diagnoses, crisis assessment and management.  While working at the Colorado State Penitentiary Darrin was the administrator of a large psychiatric clinic, and worked on several cases involving counseling and constitutional ethics. Between 1997 and 2001, Darrin worked with Addiction Recovery Programs as a Sex Offender Treatment therapist in the Colorado Department of Corrections, where he conducting group therapy, sex offender treatment readiness assessments, and treatment progress assessments. Darrin volunteered as a psychological profiler with the CDOC Escape and Recovery team, and as a member of the CDOC Crisis Negotiation team, where he conducted crisis and mental status assessments.  Prior to 1997, Darrin has worked as a counselor with juvenile sex offenders conducting psycho-educational groups, large therapy process groups, and doing crisis intervention.


In regards to research, Darrin most recently spent time analyzing violence trends in the CDOC as they relate to the incarcerated mentally ill population.  This analysis was designed to give insight into the need for increased aggression reduction therapy for incarcerated mentally ill inmates. In 2011, Darrin developed a new therapy process for his CDOC mental health department that was referred to as "micro-group therapy".  This program utilized positive psychology and CBT concepts. In 2009 Darrin conducted the initial evaluation of a program at the Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility designed to provide services to offenders with special needs.  In 2008, Darrin developed a peace development therapy program entitled "Successful Thinking for a Peaceful Community", which was adopted by the CDOC as an alternative to traditional anger management. Darrin presented on the sociological aspects of offender life at the Mental Health in Corrections Consortium Conference in 2004. 


Darrin volunteered with a church in Canon City, Colorado conducting data analyses for various congregation surveys.  Darrin, who is an accomplished martial arts instructor in Arnis De Mano and Hao Ch'uan, volunteered as a martial arts instructor at a karate school in Canon City, Colorado. Darrin enjoys reading on a wide variety of subjects, playing chess, archery and spending time with his family.