The Psychology Major prepares students for graduate study as well as for careers where strong human-services skills are necessary.  Students may take approved Provisional Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (PLADC) courses which are indicated with an asterisk in Psychology option listings of courses.  To earn the PLADC credential, in addition to completing the required courses, students must complete 300 hours of supervised field experience and pass the required examination.  PLADC classes are offered only on campus due to State Licensing regulations.

Points of Distinction

  • Faculty members include an educational psychologist, experimental psychologist, social psychologist and counseling psychologist – all with extensive academic or life experiences.
  • All courses are offered online and on campus with the exception of drug and alcohol counseling courses, which are on campus.
  • We offer opportunities to qualify for Provisional Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (PLADC).
  • Faculty members take great pride in working with students through advising and individualized guidance during their college careers and serving as references thereafter.
  • Each program at Peru State College is reviewed on a continual basis, and coursework is updated to meet industry standards.
  • Students completing a degree at Peru State College are prepared to attend the Nation’s top graduate schools in all program areas.
  • Adding an academic minor in a subject area outside of the major is simple at Peru State and can broaden the scope of knowledge and can improve employment prospects for any student.