Student Learning Outcomes

Students will learn the:

  1. Impact of the competitive, economic, legal, political, and social environments on organizations;
  2. Concepts, processes, and institutions involved in the production and marketing of goods and services;
  3. Means and consequences associated with alternative approaches to financing organization;
  4. Methods of accounting and quantitative analysis;
  5. Role and utility of current application software and corporate information systems;
  6. Principles of organizational theory, behavior, and communications;
  7. Corporate planning process as well as approaches to identify and resolve strategic problems;
  8. Techniques and resources available to research companies, industries, and best practices.


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Management Option


Business Administration – Accounting
Business Administration – Computer & Management Information Systems
Business Administration – Business Administration
Business Administration – Marketing
Organizational Leadership and Global Issues
Organizational Leadership and Management

Course Listings