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News Release
Members of the 2013-14 Misty Blues Show Choir Selected
First Performances Slated for Oct. 22 & 23


Misty Blues Show Choir

Misty Blues Show Choir

(Peru, Neb.) Peru State College today announced the members of the 2013-14 Misty Blues Show Choir following competitive auditions.

The Show Choir will be accompanied this year by a band of trumpets, trombones, saxophones, guitar, bass guitar, percussion and two keyboards.

The group’s first performance will be during the all High School Show Choir Festival on campus Tuesday, Oct. 22 and Wednesday, Oct. 23 in the College Theatre, located at the south end of Hoyt Science Hall. The event is free and open to the public.
Show Choir Director and Assistant Professor of Music Dr. Jacob Bartlett said, “This year’s group consists of a strong nucleus of new members along with seasoned, well-trained upperclassmen. The vocal quality has improved dramatically, and the dancing will also be reflective of the quality of performer we have in the group. We increased the number of members from 18 to 28 this year, which allows our choreographer to be more diverse in his formations, creating a more unique show. Given the increased enrollment, I’m extremely excited for what the year ahead holds.”

The group is accompanied by David Norris.

Following is an alphabetical list (by hometown) of the individuals selected for the Misty Blues Show Choir:

Brett Ketter, Bass Guitar, Senior – Music/Business Marketing
Danny Moberly, Bass & Dance Captain, Sophomore - Undeclared
Rebecca Smallfoot, Alto 2, Freshman - Music Education
A.J. Thompson, Tenor, Sophomore – Music Performance

Emily Engels, Alto 1, Junior - Elementary Education, Special Education & K-8 Music

Aggie Query, Alto 1, Freshman – Special Education   

Elm Creek
Casey Myers, Tenor, Sophomore - Undeclared

Kellan Garber, Bass & Section Leader, Junior - Music Education
Katie Umland, Soprano 1 & Saxophone, Sophomore – Elementary Education, Special Education & K-8 Music

Patience Johnson, Soprano 2, Freshman - K-12 Music Education

Jaceey McCoy, Soprano 2, Freshman – Criminal Justice & Psychology
Will Koperski, Tenor, Junior - Biochemistry

Wil Gleason, Junior, Trumpet – Music/Business Marketing
Jessica Kadavy, Sophomore, Trumpet - Early Childhood Education

Lowgaen Schmidt, Bass, Junior - Music Performance/Marketing

Nebraska City
Zayra Flores, Soprano 1 & Section Leader, Senior - Music Marketing

North Platte
Talia Cole, Alto 1, Senior - K-12 Music Education

Marissa Gomez, Alto 2, Freshman - English Education
Alyssa Karasek, Soprano 1, Senior - Psychology
Miranda Nelson, Soprano 1, Freshman – Elementary Education

Morgan Shaffer, Soprano 2, Freshman - Wildlife Ecology

Nick Girard, Tenor, Sophomore - Chemistry

Kristin Jindra, Alto 1, Freshman - Music Marketing & English Education

Michelle Vongphakdy, Alto 2 & Section Leader, Junior - Early Childhood Education & Coaching

Faith Nelson, Alto 1, Sophomore – Music Marketing

Kelsey McGill, Sophomore, Percussion - K-12 Music Vocal Instrumental & Music/Business Marketing

Dakota Peterson, Bass, Sophomore - Music Education

Jordan Bedient, Alto 2, Junior - Criminal Justice

Stephanie Neilsen, Soprano 1 & Dance Captain, Senior – Secondary Education & Language Arts

White Cloud
Jeremy Rudder, Senior, Guitar - History, Music Performance, K-12 Music Vocal/Instrumental

Kansas City
Michael A. Smith, Bass, Junior - Psychology

Shalissa Hutson, Soprano 2, Sophomore - K-12 Music Education

Las Vegas
Sara Schroeder, Soprano 1, Senior - Biochemistry