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News Release

17 Peru State College Students Headed for National Phi Beta Lambda Leadership Conference in Orlando



(Peru, Neb.) Seventeen members of Peru State College’s (PSC) chapter of Phi Beta Lambda (PBL), a state and national business association, will represent Nebraska at the association’s National Leadership Conference in Orlando, Fla., in June.


The following students have each earned a trip to nationals after placing first, second or third in competitive events at the 2011 Nebraska Phi Beta Lambda State Leadership Conference in Kearney.

  • Jennifer Clark, Senior - Bellevue
  • Andrew Conn, Senior - Wausa
  • Will Fogle, Senior - Peru
  • Kaylie Frederick, Senior - Falls City
  • Mallory Lempka, Senior - Cook
  • Tricia Lempka, Freshman - Cook
  • Elizabeth McKim, Senior - Humboldt
  • Bob McLaughlin, Senior - Rising City
  • Mike Mulroney, Junior - Fort Dodge, Iowa
  • Jonathan Newcomb, Senior - Cook
  • Eden Pinkelman, Senior - Hartington
  • Debbie Trecek, Senior - Bellevue
  • Ashliegh West-Lesher, Senior - Steele City


The competition focused on a wide range of business-related tests, including subjects ranging from financial analysis and economic concepts to human resource management and business ethics.


Since national participants can only compete in two events, other PSC students who placed in the statewide competition have an opportunity to move up in the rankings and compete at nationals. Students who have moved up in the ranking and will also attend include:

  • Andrew Staudt, Senior - Westminster, Colo.
  • Lisa Sierks, Senior - Auburn
  • Josh West-Lesher, Sophomore - Steele City
  • Matt Martin, Senior - Omaha


PSC President Dan Hanson said, “These students have shown a real desire to understand all of the nuances of business, which will ultimately help prepare them for future careers in the industry. This is a tough competition, so it’s a testament to the quality of students we have here at Peru State to have 17 qualify for nationals. We are proud of their outstanding accomplishments.”


The Peru State chapter of PBL as a whole was honored at the statewide conference with the Gold Excellence Award for their commitment to PSC and participation in various community service projects and other activities.


Mallory Lempka was honored as the Who’s Who Winner for Peru State’s PBL chapter and will serve as the statewide assistant vice president of finance next academic year. Ashliegh West-Lesher will serve as the statewide assistant vice president of communications next academic year.


PSC’s top finishers in the individual competition at the state level include:


Bojan Burnac, Senior - Binghamton, N.Y.

5th Place: International Business

6th Place: Cyber Security

7th Place: Contemporary Sports Issues


Kelly Bush, Senior - Arcadia

4th Place: Telecommunications


Jennifer Clark, Senior - Bellevue

3rd Place: Telecommunications

7th Place: Accounting Principles


Andrew Conn, Senior - Wausa

2nd Place: Future Business Teacher

3rd Place: Public Speaking

5th Place: Word Processing

6th Place: Accounting Principles


Will Fogle, Senior - Peru

1st Place: Computer Applications

1st Place: Database Design & Applications

2nd Place: Computer Concepts

2nd Place: Economic Analysis & Decision Making

2nd Place: Networking Concepts

3rd Place: Cyber Security


Kaylie Frederick, Senior - Falls City

2nd place Accounting Analysis & Decision Making

2nd place Accounting for Professionals

3rd place Database Design & Applications

3rd place Economic Analysis & Decision Making


Mallory Lempka, Senior - Cook

1st Place: Future Business Executive

2nd Place: Job Interview

4th Place: Financial Services

8th Place: Strategic Analysis & Decision Making

*Who’s Who Winner for PSC PBL

*2011-12 Assistant Vice President of Finance for the State Chapter.


Tricia Lempka, Freshman - Cook

5th Place: Justice Administration


Matt Martin, Senior - Omaha

6th Place: Contemporary Sports Issues


Elizabeth McKim, Senior - Humboldt

5th Place: Retail Management

8th Place: Client Services


Bob McLaughlin, Senior - Rising City

2nd Place: Future Business Executive

3rd Place: Sales Presentation

4th Place: Contemporary Sports Issues

6th Place: Sports Management & Marketing


Mike Mulroney, Junior - Fort Dodge, Iowa

1st Place: Justice Administration

3rd Place: Statistical Analysis

6th Place: Macroeconomics


Jonathan Newcomb, Senior - Cook

6th Place: Job Interview

8th Place: Retail Management


Shawon Nixon, Junior - Lincoln

5th Place: Future Business Executive


Eden Pinkelman, Senior - Hartington

2nd Place: Database Design & Applications


Paul Schlorholtz, Senior - Percival, Iowa

5th place Statistical Analysis


Lisa Sierks, Senior - Auburn

6th Place: Information Management

8th place Networking Concepts


Andrew Staudt, Senior - Westminster, Colo.

4th Place: Economic Analysis & Decision Making

8th Place: Macroeconomics


Debbie Trecek, Senior - Bellevue

1st Place: Integrated Marketing Campaign


Ashliegh West-Lesher, Senior - Steele City

1st Place: Business Communications

3rd Place: Human Resource Management

4th Place: Business Law

5th Place: Cyber Security

*2011-12 Assistant Vice President of Communications for the State Chapter.


Josh West-Lesher, Sophomore - Steele City

8th Place: Business Communications


Top finishers in the team competition at the state level include:


Kaylie Frederick, Elizabeth McKim & Ashliegh West-Lesher

3rd Place: Website Design


Mallory Lempka, Tricia Lempka & Bob McLaughlin

2nd Place: Community Service Project


Mallory Lempka & Mike Mulroney

1st Place: Business Ethics


Elizabeth McKim, Eden Pinkelman & Lisa Sierks

4th Place: Human Resource Management

5th Place: Business Decision Making


Jonathan Newcomb & Ashliegh West-Lesher

3rd Place: Business Ethics


PSC Assistant Professor of Business Sheri Grotrian is the group’s advisor.