Empower – Learn how to identify your information need, search for information, evaluate sources, use information, and cite information.

PSC Library Handbook – Learn about the Library and how to find information

Introduction to Research

Searching for Information
Guide to Searching for Information

Finding Full-Text Articles with Citation
Guide to Finding Full-text articles with citations

Narrowing a Topic
Guide to Narrowing a Topic

Finding a Dissertation or Thesis
Guide to Finding a Dissertation or Thesis

Broadening a Topic
Guide to Broadening a Topic

Selecting Words to Use in Searches: Lexipedia or Visuwords

Type of Sources

Evaluating Information

How to Spot Fake News
How to Spot Fake News in PDF format
Created by International Federation of Library Association and Institutions

C.A.A.R.P. Test
Guide to Evaluating Sources


 Using the Library