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Read a Call Number

Call numbers are the label on the spine or upper left corner of covers that organize materials according to their subject. When locating an item, you will need the call number and the location of the collection.


Our library uses Library of Congress (LC) for the majority of the collection and Dewey for the young adult and juvenile books.


The difference between the two systems is LC call numbers starts with letters while Dewey starts with numbers if non-fiction and with first letters of author's last name if fiction. The letters or numbers represent the subject category or author's last name.


Click for Library of Congress subject classification

Click for Dewey subject classification


Read a Library of Congress Call Number





First line - letter or letters represents the subject
Second line - numbers further define subject and group similar materials together
Third line - author or title coded with a cutter number
Final line - year of publication


Read a Dewey Call Number



First line - number represents the subject
Second line - author or title coded with a cutter number; The letter at end indicates that the author has several works in the subject area, so a letter is added to denote the title.


Location of Collections

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