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Master of Science in Organizational Management

Entrepreneurial and Economic Development


Course Descriptions




Organization Development and Change (3 hours)

Prerequisite: Graduate Status

Organizational development is considered as a multi-step process that may involve a wide variety of interventions. Interventions from those involving basic human processes to those requiring planning at the strategic level are considered in this course, with a particular emphasis on selecting appropriate interventions based on thoughtful diagnosis of organizational issues.




Program Evaluation (3 hours)

Prerequisite: Graduate Status

The purposes, procedures, and techniques of effective evaluation processes are considered, with an emphasis on informing those involved in organization change efforts. Students have the opportunity to prepare a detailed evaluation plan.




Management of Innovation and Growth (3 hours)

Prerequisite:Graduate Status

Understanding innovation as a process and creating the conditions for this process to occur successfully within an organization are the main themes of this course. Common routes to organizational growth are also considered as is dealing with issues associated with rapid growth.




Conflict Management and Mediation (3 hours)

Prerequisite: Graduate Status

Conflict is inevitable, but it does not have to be debilitating for individuals and organizational/social systems. This course explores the theory and practice of dispute resolution using interest-based mediation and negotiation techniques. Students gain a broad understanding of mediation and negotiation strategies, learn skills that lead to greater success in managing conflict, and develop confidence in the mediation process as an effective means for resolving interpersonal, organizational, and community disputes.




Human Resource Development (3 hours)

Prerequisite: Graduate Status

Human Resource Development (HRD) focuses on maximizing employees’ contributions to individual and aspects of organizational success.  HRD encompasses training and skill development, career development, and organizational development and change.  This course will emphasize the development and functioning of employees as adult learners in productive work environments.  This course is an elective course and is not counted toward the degree.  Students who successfully complete this course in addition to the required degree courses will also receive a Certificate of Achievement in Organizational Development.




Study Design and Data Collection (3 hours)

Prerequisite: Graduate Status

The development of appropriately phrased research questions and alternative methods of inquiry are considered, as are factors influencing validity and reliability. Although survey methods are considered in detail, qualitative approaches also receive attention.




Statistical Methods and Data Analysis (3 hours)

Prerequisite: Graduate Status

A variety of statistical techniques frequently used in social science research are covered. Using statistical software, interpreting data, and drawing appropriate conclusions are emphasized.




Theories of Entrepreneurship (3 hours)

Prerequisite: Graduate Status

Individual and social perspectives regarding entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial activity are considered with an emphasis on understanding factors that facilitate entrepreneurship.




New Venture Planning and Financing (3 hours)

Prerequisite: Graduate Status

Various business planning and venture financing models are considered, as are resources available to facilitate these activities. Developing skills to evaluate the decisions made in these areas by others is emphasized.




E-Commerce and Internet Communication (3 hours)

Prerequisite: Graduate Status

E-commerce as a business model, particularly for new ventures, is considered. Sourcing support services and software for e-commerce and Internet marketing strategies are emphasized.




Economic Development (3 hours)

Prerequisite: Graduate Status

Economic development is considered from the perspective of a practical set of social policies, community strategies, and resources available at the local, state and federal level. Innovative regional and community approaches and planning for economic development are emphasized.




Graduate Internship

  Prerequisite: Graduate Status




Thesis/Action Research Project I (3 hours)

Prerequisite: Permission of the Dean of Graduate Programs




Thesis/Action Research Project II (3 hours)

Prerequisite: Permission of the Dean of Graduate Programs