Master of Science in Education Regular Format

Complete the 36-credit Master of Science in Education program at a more leisurely pace by completing the core Curriculum and Instruction courses and selecting program electives that meet your needs and interests.  All online courses are 8 weeks in length and are offered across the 12-month calendar.

Core Courses in Curriculum and Instruction

Course Prefix Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
EDUC 512 Technology and Mediated Instruction 3
EDUC 600 Sociology of Education 3
EDUC 601 Study Design and Data Collection 3
EDUC 602 Statistical Methods and Data Analysis 3
EDUC 605 Cognition and Learning 3
EDUC 621 Curriculum Development 3
EDUC 623 Assessment of Instruction 3
Total Credit Hours 21

Elective/Recertification Courses Available

Course Prefix Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
EDUC 505 Diversity in Education 3
EDUC 510 Current Issues in Education 3
EDUC 515 Technology Leadership 3
EDUC 510 Moving from Discipline to Self-Discipline 3
EDUC 530 Contemporary Instruction 3
EDUC 533 Classroom Management and Leadership 3
EDUC 540 The Master Teacher 3
EDUC 542 Supervision of Student Teachers 3
EDUC 552 Introduction to Multimedia Authoring 3
EDUC 553 Using the Internet 3
EDUC 556 Desktop Publishing for Teachers 3
EDUC 569 Teachers as Collaborative Leaders 3
SPED 500 Inclusionary Practices 3
SPED 540 Behavior Management 3
SPED 574 Special Education Law and Practices 3

Optional Certificates of Achievement  – You can view a Certificate of Achievement Course Rotation Schedule.

In addition to completing the required core courses, students may select five courses out of any 500-level graduate courses being offered; students may also select specific courses toward a Certificate of Achievement in one of four areas:  Classroom Behavior and Management, Instructional Mastery, Inclusionary Practices and Policies, or Instructional Technology.


Application of Theory/Advanced Electives – 6 credit hours

Students with minimal professional experience may complete an additional six hours of thesis, internship and/or practical project credit. Students with significant experience may elect to complete two additional courses in advanced topic areas.

Course Descriptions Course Rotation Schedule
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