How do I apply for admission?

Please apply online – Application for Admission.

Please note: When you select ‘apply now’ above, the first screen will ask you about receiving a bachelor’s degree, Yes or No. Your answer will lead you to the next screen where you choose the right application for your situation. Once your application is selected you will be asked to create a NUID/Student ID number and password. Now, you will be able to log in and and complete your application. Keep your NUID number and password in a safe place to be used through our your career with us.

  • Once your application is processed, you are admitted on a conditional basis and can enroll for the semester you applied to begin taking your courses. The conditional basis is on the condition that you submit the required materials listed on our homepage, Failure to submit these documents can prevent you from registering for future semesters’ courses. We encourage students to submit the documents as soon as possible.

Who do I contact regarding admissions requirements?

Please address all graduate admission questions to the Graduate Programs Office, 800.742.4412, option #4, or email at All official transcripts and admission materials should be sent directly to the Graduate Programs Office, Peru State College, P.O. Box 10, Peru, NE  68421.

Who is my advisor?

All graduate students are advised by Dr. Greg Seay, Dean of Graduate Programs ( Questions related to your program of study, confirming your candidacy status, or requirements for graduation should be directed to the Graduate Programs Office.

Who do I contact regarding enrollment questions?

Please contact the Graduate Programs Office at 800.742.4412, option #4, or call 402.872.2314. Please remember:  cohort students are registered for your classes each semester by the Graduate Programs Office. Check myPSC to make sure you are registered properly. If you have transfer credit, check to make sure you are not enrolled for the elective course(s).

What is Blackboard Orientation?

Blackboard orientation is required to be completed by all students.

  • Students receive an email from our Distance Education office stating that the student has been enrolled in the course for the semester and term of enrollment. The email tells the student what the student’s username and password is and how to access Blackboard. The email also tells the student that all new students must complete the Blackboard orientation.
  • The first time a student logs into Blackboard there will be only one link –orientation. Click on this link to complete Blackboard’s orientation. This orientation is an introduction to the screens and technology tools that a student is most likely to use while completing the course with Peru State. Estimated time to complete this orientation is 1/2 to 1 hour.

Who do I contact for questions about Blackboard?

For technical problems ONLY: or call:  1-888-258-5558.  After 5:00 p.m., please call the help desk at:  402.274.8530.

What if I have questions regarding my online course?

You should first communicate with the course instructor via email or through Blackboard.  If the instructor does not respond in a timely manner, please contact Dr. Greg Seay, Dean of Graduate Programs, by email at or by calling the Graduate Programs Office at 402.872.2314.

Who do I contact about my bill?

Contact the Peru State Business Office at:  402.872.2211 or by email at Students can view and pay bills via their myPSC student account.

Who do I contact to order textbooks?

To order books, visit the Online bookstore’s website. Please order textbooks several weeks ahead of time to avoid possible delays which may effectively hinder your ability to complete coursework. Peru State College will not be responsible if you order your textbooks other than from the Online Bookstore (re: wrong edition, etc.).

When will my grades be posted?

Grades are posted directly to myPSC.  Students can view grades using their personal identification information.  Grades are posted within two weeks from the end of the course. Students may view and print ‘course history’ and an ‘unofficial transcript’ through myPSC.

How can I get a copy of my Peru State College transcript?

Official transcripts are available from the Student Records office. Contact the Student Records Office at or view the Student Records web site.

What LiveText for Master of Science in Education Students?

Degree-seeking students will utilize the Internet program, LiveText, to create and build a portfolio as they progress through the program. There is a one time fee of approximately $100 for a multi-year membership to Live Text, which is an electronic portfolio system that is provided online.

Students will complete this portfolio throughout the program coursework by including course assignments/projects in the portfolio and reflecting upon each one in relation to your growth and development. It will be checked for progress at the point of application for admission to candidacy and for completion at the point of application for graduation. The completed portfolio is a required part of the program completion for the Master of Science degree.

Students will also complete and submit the exit survey that will be provided upon successful completion of your LiveText portfolio.

Students will be given specific instructions about purchasing the membership to LiveText during your first course – EDUC 512-Technology and Mediated Instruction.