Peru State College
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Program Features | Freshman Fusion Experience

Program features:

  • Alternative Spring Break Trip - 2014 excursion to Black Hills, South Dakota
  • Fusion Programs
    • One per month. Planned by program staff. Mandatory for participants to attend (staff will be flexible in helping students “make-up” any programs they have to miss).
  • Mentor Programming
    • Each month mentors will be responsible for planning one program centered around one of the program pillars.
    • Mentor programming is optional for students, but they must accumulate enough points in other areas to retain membership in the program.
  • Mentor Meetings
    • Mentors will meet with each mentee every two weeks. An outline for their meetings will be provided in advance, allowing for the mentor to cover a list of timely topics.
  • Daring Discussions
    • These group sessions cover a wide range of topics. Approximately one daring discussion per week will occur. Students engage in topics ranging from abortion and drug use to dating and future career paths. All discussions are moderated by a staff member.
  • Leadership Speakers
    • The program provides participants the opportunity to work in separate workshops with speakers from the college’s Distinguished Speaker Series.