Mission Statement:

The mission of the Freshman Fusion Experience is to instill leadership and excellence in collegiate achievement in a substance free environment through academic and social resources provided in a mentor to mentee relationship.

Benefits of the Freshman Fusion Experience Program:

  • Participants are assigned an upperclassman mentor. The mentor to mentee ratio is roughly 1:10. Mentors live with participants in the Mathews Residence Hall.
  • Mentors facilitate bi-weekly, individual meetings with their mentees and receive extensive training on resourcing, personal decision making, academic resourcing and program planning.
  • Participants agree to live in a substance free environment and to remain substance free for the duration of their participation in the Freshman Fusion Experience.
  • Participants live in a suite style environment with other Freshman Fusion participants and mentors, which allows them to build a network of people they can connect with for the rest of their college career.
  • Monthly programs designed around themes such as self awareness, personal decision making, working and living with others, servant leadership and more!
  • Experiences students have in the program will be reflected in their future success at a Peru State College student.