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Creating Exemplary Educators: Reflective Decision-Makers

Mission Statement

The Teacher Education Unit is committed to preparing exemplary professionals in the field of education.  The faculty and staff of our teacher education unit understand the complexity, interrelatedness and recursive nature of the teaching/learning process.  We are committed to preparing our teacher education candidates to be reflective professionals, knowledgeable in general studies, specific content areas, and pedagogy.  In addition, we want their educational experiences to equip them to be effective communicators and wise decision-makers in a democratic and increasingly technological society.  We also want our graduates to appreciate diverse cultures and viewpoints.  Therefore, we create and update courses based upon our study and reflection of current research and professional writing.  We encourage diverse field experiences, co-curricular activities and professional opportunities.  We believe that learning is a lifelong process that involves continual growth in three broad conceptual areas: foundational knowledge, professional dispositions and integrity, and professional competencies.


Peru State College is Nebraska’s oldest college, a normal school founded in 1867.  It is nestled in rural, southeastern Nebraska, bordered by the banks of the Missouri River and rolling farmlands where one can still spot a one-room schoolhouse.  Known as the “Campus of a Thousand Oaks,” Peru State College is a learner-centered school with dedicated faculty and staff, committed to personal attention, small classes, and modeling innovative methods and performance-based assessments.  We believe strongly in the dignity and potential of each human being, and we understand that all persons learn in unique ways.  To ensure additional opportunities for continual growth and professional leadership, we offer a Master’s Degree in Education.


Peru State College’s commitment to individual attention and needs is evident in our teacher education program.  We also encourage our students to hone their passion for teaching and their unique talents through integrated community service opportunities related directly to their professional courses and activities.  Our faculty and staff are committed to modeling that learning is an ongoing, challenging enterprise engaged in by committed persons – teachers, teacher candidates, and community members together, all part of an exciting and rapidly changing world.


Initial Level Programs Conceptual Framework


Professional Standards that Support the Conceptual Framework:

INTASC Standards (Initial Level Programs)



Creating Exemplary Educators: Teacher Leaders

Mission Statement

The Peru State College undergraduate conceptual framework focuses on three broad themes of professional development: grounding in foundational knowledge, a professional disposition appropriate for teaching, and a strong professional awareness.  The heart of our undergraduate framework presents the teacher as a reflective decision-maker.  The School of Education believes that if the undergraduate conceptual framework is to be optimally valued, then it is a strong foundation for our graduate program.  Our graduate program enhances and extends reflective decision-making to evolve into a framework for reflective change.  It is our desire that the Masters degree candidates become master teachers who can effect positive change in their classrooms, schools, and communities.


Our mission in the graduate program focuses on building upon the strengths and expertise of experienced teachers.  The reflective change agent framework is intended to extend the teachers’ skills and competencies in order to improve the performance of the students they teach.  Graduate students will develop greater technological and pedagogical competencies.  Graduate students will be exposed to the reflective thinking processes necessary to be competent facilitators of change in an ever-changing social and cultural milieu.


Advanced Level Program Conceptual Framework


Professional Standards that Support the Conceptual Framework:

NBPTS Standards (Advanced Level Program)