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Common Issues: Troubleshooting Unknown Issues

When responding to us by email about a technical problem you are having within Blackboard, providing the following information will help speed-up the troubleshooting process:


  • Course (ex: BUS 335-49A, EDUC 601-49X)
  • Information about your computer, operating system, and browser
  • Type of Internet service and provider
  • Any error messages you received; the exact wording of the message is particularly helpful.


    Apache Tomcat/5.0.28 – Error report – Windows Internet Explorer

    HTTP Status 404 - /courses/1/BUS 335/db/_518910_1/Week_2.doc

    type                    Status report

    message            /courses/1/BUS 335/db/_518910_1/Week_2.doc

    description       The requested resource (/courses/1/BUS 335/db/_518910_1/Week_2.doc) is not available.

    Apache Tomcat/5.0.28


  • A description of the problem you are having and where and when in Blackboard this problem does and does not occur.
    • Is this problem intermittent or does it always occur? 
    • When was the first time you had this problem? 
    • Have you made any software changes or updates since you were last able to use this function/feature?
    • Were you able to perform this feature in Blackboard last semester?
    • Does this feature/task work in your other online classes?


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