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Required Textbooks

You can purchase your textbooks by visiting the Bookstore’s online website at  Once at their site, please follow the instructions below.

  1. If a pop-up appears, either exit or click on ‘Get Started.’

  2. Under ‘Find Textbooks by your class schedule,’ select a term from the drop-down. This section is in the middle of the page, on the right.

  3. Once the correct term appears in the drop-down window, click 'Select Term.'

  4. You now need to select, by clicking, your course's department (i.e. ART, BUS, EDUC, etc.).

  5. Once the 'Department' is highlighted, click ‘Select.’

  6. The department and course numbers will appear. Again, click on the appropriate number and section of the course.

  7. Once the course and section number are highlighted, click ‘Select.’

  8. If you would like to look up another course, click on ‘Add Another Course;’ otherwise, click on ‘View the Textbook Results.’

  9. You now have the option to purchase your books through the Bookstore website.  Otherwise, you can copy the information and buy them at your local bookstore.


What if my course is not listed, or I am having other issues?


First, make sure you are in the right semester and term. If you are still having issues, please contact the Bookstore at 1-402-872-2248.


You may also contact the School office assistant or course instructor to make sure you are getting the correct edition and to find out if there are any supplemental materials or unusual course requirements/costs.