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Online Student Resources
  • Online Student Handbook
  • Blackboard Training Material
  • Student Websites & Log-in Information
  • Additional Information (Textbooks, Online Tutoring, Etc.)
  • Additional Contacts


Online Student Handbook


The Online Student Handbook is intended to assist students and ensure that they successfully complete their online courses, whether it is for online courses, hybrid courses, or web enhanced courses.


After reviewing the handbook, you should have a much better understanding of Peru State's online requirements, policies and procedures, and processes. It supplements the College Catalog and the academic resources you may find on the College’s website.


For additional information or clarification, please contact the Distance Education and Online Services Office at 1-888-258-5558 or by email at


Blackboard Training Material

If you have any questions or concerns about Blackboard, please feel free to direct them to the our office at 1-888-258-5558 or by email at We would be happy to walk you through any of the Blackboard processes.


Blackboard Login Information

The link to Peru State’s Blackboard site is: A Blackboard icon is also located on the home page of the Peru State website.

USERNAME: Nebraska User ID (NUID), no dashes or spaces
PASSWORD: Two-digit month and two-digit day of your birth (ex: July 1st is 0701)


Blackboard Information


Blackboard Mobile Application

Blackboard Images

Student Websites & Log-in Information


Student Email Hosted by Google
Students are required to access their college-issued email regularly. Faculty and staff members will only utilize this email address when emailing student information. The link to student email login is: A 'student e-mail' icon is also located on the home page of the Peru State website.

USERNAME: Student’s first name, period, student’s last name, and the first five digits of their NUID number (ex: John.Doe12345)


PASSWORD: Student's entire, eight-digit NUID (ex: 12345678 or 00123456)


For questions or concerns, you will need to contact Computer Services at (402) 872-2270 or by email at When emailing Computer Services, please provide your NUID.


“MyPSC” is Peru State College’s online student services center. A student may update their information, add/drop courses, review grades and unofficial transcripts, and review billing information, among other things at this website:
A MyPSC icon is also located on the home page of the Peru State College website.


Students create a username and password during the application process. If you have any questions about logging into MyPSC, please email

Online Library
We offer online library services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


To login to EBSCO or other research data, go to the library webpage, Enter your MyPSC username and password into the correct fields (login information is listed above, under MyPSC).

Additional information on how to use EBSCO and other research resources can be found here.


Additional Information



You can purchase your textbooks by visiting the Bookstore’s online website at For directions on how to do so, follow the instructions found here.


Online Tutoring

For students who are unable to come to campus for tutorial assistance, Distance Tutoring is conducted via phone and/or email correspondence. To request a tutor, fill out the Distance Tutoring Request Form and you will be contacted.

MS PowerPoint

PowerPoint files can be particularly large, since they can include many graphics, videos, and/or sound bites. Therefore, it is important to either compress these files or save them as another file type before uploading to Blackboard.

  • Compressing PowerPoint Files

    • Compressing Videos, Audio, or Images
    • Checking the Size of Your PowerPoint
    • Saving a PowerPoint File as a PDF
    • Saving a PowerPoint File as a Video

YouTube Tutorial

Occasionally, students will be asked to provide video presentations. The course instructor will assist you with this process; however, this tutorial will provide additional assistance.


Additional Contacts


Peru State wants to make the admissions process as simple as possible for you. If you have questions about your application or admission paperwork, email the Admissions Office at or call them, toll-free, at 1-800-742-4412, option 1.

You may contact the Bookstore by telephone at 402-872-2248 or by email at

Business Office
The Business Office can assist students with tuition and fees, billing information, and payment plans. To contact them, you may call 402-872-2211 or by email at

Financial Aid
The Financial Aid Office can help you apply for assistance to cover college expenses. You can contact them by telephone at 402-872-2228 or by email at

Graduate Programs
Although the Peru State Graduate Programs are offered completely online, the
Graduate Programs Office can assist you with many of your inquiries. They assist students with enrollment, advising, and course rotation, among other things. They can be contacted directly by telephone at 402-872-2314 or by email at

Student Records

The Student Records Office, also known as the Registrar’s Office, assists students with
registration, checking grades, MyPSC, and requesting transcripts. You can contact them by telephone at 402-872-2226 or by email at