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Common Issues: HTTP Status 404

Error Message Reported by Apache Tomcat/5.0.28


HTTP Status 404 - /courses/1/BUS 335/db/_518910_1/Week_2.doc 


type   Status report

message   /courses/1/BUS 335/db/_518910_1/Week_2.doc

description   The requested resource (/courses/1/BUS 335/db/_518910_1/Week_2.doc) is not available.


Apache Tomcat/5.0.28


Students will encounter an error message similar to the one above when they attempt to upload a document into Blackboard that contains a character in the file name that the server doesn't understand such as the # sign. 

To resolve this problem rename the file using only letters and numbers before uploading it into blackboard. 

In the error message the underscore _ appears where the symbol occurs that blackboard does not understand. For the message above the file name used was Week#2.doc.  Simply renaming the file to Week2.doc or anything else without an unrecognizable character will allow the file to be uploaded into blackboard.


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