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Common Issues: Blank Screen in Office 2007 PowerPoint

If you are an Office 2007 user and experience a blank screen when opening a PowerPoint in Blackboard, please follow the directions below.


Solution One:


1.    Right click on the link to the PowerPoint

2.    Choose the 'Save target as' option

3.    Save the PowerPoint to your computer’s hard drive (i.e. Desktop or My Documents)

4.    Open the PowerPoint directly from your computer


Solution Two (Update your copy of Office 2007):


1.    Open PowerPoint on your computer

2.    Click on the Office Button (circle icon in the left hand corner of your screen)

3.    Choose PowerPoint Options, on the bottom right

4.    Choose 'Resources'

5.    Click on 'Check for Updates'

6.    Follow the instructions given to install all updates related to Office 2007


This issue is caused by a bug in Office 2007. For more information visit the links below:


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