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Common Issues: Only the 'Announcements' Page Appears
If you go into your course and only the 'Announcements' page appears, you have one of the following issues:


1) You are accessing your Announcements page and not actually the course.

2) You accidentally hid your course menu.


Please follow the steps below to fix the issue:


  • When you first log into Blackboard, you arrive at your 'My Blackboard' page.


  • To access your course, click on the course name, under 'My Courses' on the right.


  • If you click on any of the Announcements found in the 'Announcements' or ' My Courses' modules...

    AnnouncementLink would go to that course's Announcements page, and not into the course.



If that did not fix the issue, follow the steps below (option #2).

  • When moving your mouse between the content area and the course menu...


  • may have a gray line appear.


  • If you were to click on that gray line, your course menu would hide from yourself.


  • To expand it and reappear again, you must move your mouse back over to the far, left side of the window - where the menu should be.


  • A gray line should appear on the left side of your content area.
  • Click on that gray line to expand your menu items again.


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