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Certificates of Achievement


Certificates of Achievement are available for individuals who desire to gain additional knowledge to enable them for advancement in their careers or to just have more knowledge to assist them in their careers.


Five 9-hour Certificates of Achievement courses of study are available through Graduate Programs. Topics include Classroom Behavior Management (CBM), Instructional Mastery (IM), Inclusionary Practices and Policies (IPP), Instructional Technology (IT), and Organizational Development (OD).


Most Certificates of Achievement can be earned in nine months taking online courses. Certificates may be earned separately or while working toward a Master degree, allowing students to eventually acquire more résumé items of interest to future employers. A grade of 'C' or better is required to fulfill the requirements.


Please note: Graduate Certificates of Achievement are available to graduate-level students only. Certificates of Achievement are not endorsements and do not allow an individual to teach in that specialty. Also, completing these course will not grant you a Masters of Science degree.



Certificates of Achievement

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