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Summer Bridge 2015



August 2- August 21, 2015


Peru State College's SSS Summer Bridge program is a for-credit summer session designed to give a small group of highly motivated, first-year students a solid foundation for their college careers. Summer Bridge offers a mix of intensive academics and engaging activities, including:

  • COLL 100 Elements of Personal Success (3 credit course)
  • Math Boot Camp designed to refresh math skills and prepare you to challenge a placement in MATH 100
  • English Reading and Writing Review to prepare you to challenge a placement in ENG 100
  • Orientation to the Peru State College experience
  • Introduction to SSS services and programs that will support you until graduation
  • Social and cultural activities
  • Mentoring
  • Academic Advising



Peru State College will waive tuition costs for the 3 credits associated with Summer Bridge enrollment.  Student Success Services will pay for instructional materials and academic and cultural events. Students are responsible for room, board, and fees for the 3-week session which total $615. However, most SSS participants are eligible for sufficient summer-session Pell Grant monies (through the 2014-15 FAFSA) to cover the costs of Summer Bridge housing, food, and college fees. The online FAFSA application is linked below.


IMPORTANT: The deadline for applying for the 2014-15 FAFSA is June 30, 2015. The 2014-15 FAFSA is not the same as the 2015-16 FAFSA you need for upcoming fall (2015) and spring (2016) terms. The 2014-15 FAFSA is based on 2013 tax returns.




There are so many advantages to participating in the SSS Summer Bridge Program.  You won’t want to miss this opportunity.  Some of the benefits include:

  • Have the chance to earn free college credit
  • Move into your residence hall early
  • Enhance skills in college-level reading, writing, mathematics, and thinking
  • Build relationships with professors, staff, other students, and community leaders
  • Develop a support network with classmates and peer mentors
  • Attend exciting activities and events
  • Discover the benefits of SSS membership that will support your college success until graduation


Summer Bridge balances an enriching academic experience with fun activities and worthwhile social connections. Summer Bridge starts Sunday, August 2 and runs until the start of New Student Weekend on August 21. Summer Bridge meets daily, and attendance at all programs is required. To kick everything off, participants and their parents are invited to attend a reception on Sunday, August 2.


Online Supplement

Summer Bridge includes a math boot camp and a review of collegiate level English reading and writing. If, based on your ACT scores, you placed into either MATH 100 or ENG 100, you have a chance to challenge the placement by taking the ACCUPLACER exam at the end of Summer Bridge and possibly testing out of an additional six credit hours! Increase your chances of successfully testing out of MATH 100 and ENG 100 by working online to refresh your skills in these areas. The online materials are available beginning July 1, 2015.


Summer Bridge Information

Forms Required for Participation (Due by June 15, 2015)