Peru State College
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Student Success Services

Since 1990, Peru State has hosted a Student Support Services (SSS) project as part of the college’s commitment to equal educational opportunity. SSS, a federally funded TRIO program, aims to level the academic playing field for students from limited-income backgrounds, first-generation college students, and students with disabilities. The SSS project at Peru State is called Student Success Services. SSS Staff members are committed to increasing retention and graduation rates by providing a supportive network of intensive individualized services, proactive peer leadership, and extensive campus collaboration.


Targeted areas of service include:



  • Summer Bridge program encompassing 3 hours of tuition-free college credit, workshops, cultural and academic events and an opportunity to develop relationships with faculty, staff and other students
  • Individualized peer tutoring for most classes offered at Peru State College
  • Professional tutoring in science, computer technology and math
  • Academic monitoring, intervention and advocacy
  • Academic guidance and advising
  • College-transition consultation
  • Assistance with academic goal setting/prioritizing
  • Graduate school advising
  • Assistance with study skills development
  • Assistance with time management
  • Disability accommodation advocacy
  • Tutorial programs on computers


  • Access to equipment for document preparation
  • Small equipment check-out
  • Workshops and individual guidance on applying for Financial Aid
  • Workshops and individual guidance on applying for scholarships
  • Workshops and individual guidance on finance and financial literacy
  • Workshops and individual guidance on obtaining financial assistance for enrollment in graduate and professional programs
  • Cashcourse website


  • Assistance in learning campus procedures
  • Cultural events
  • Service learning opportunities
  • Exposure to diverse cultures through speakers and field trips
  • Guidance for personal adjustment to college life
  • Facebook, Blackboard and email communication and updates
  • Participation in Summer Bridge
  • Peer mentoring services
  • Leadership opportunities


  • Assistance with resume writing, filling out applications, and practicing interview skills
  • Career exploration services
  • Guidance on choosing a program of study
  • Workshops on careers, resume writing, the job application process, etc.



SSS is one of seven federal TRIO programs created to help Americans overcome class and social barriers to higher education. The term TRIO was coined in the late 1960s in reference to the first three educational opportunity programs to emerge out of President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty. Over the years, TRIO has expanded to include Student Success Services, Talent Search, Upward Bound, Veterans Upward Bound, Upward Bound Math/Science, Educational Opportunity Centers, and the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program. While the other TRIO programs help students prepare for college or pursue graduate degrees, SSS helps undergraduate college students persist in their studies and graduate.


Peru State's SSS project serves approximately 230 students at any given time and is funded at a rate of $278,028 per year. Participants are selected based on federal eligibility criteria.