Academic accommodations for students with qualifying disabilities are arranged through the Center for Achievement and Transition Services (CATS). Students must self-identify, provide documentation, and request assistance. To get the process underway:

  1. Gather documentation. This can include a high school IEP, a letter from a medical doctor or a psychologist confirming a diagnosis and recommending appropriate accommodations, or materials from a private testing agency. The cost of testing is the responsibility of the student.
  2. Make an appointment. Call 402-872-2440, email, or stop by CATS 102 to visit the ADA Coordinator.
  3. Complete an initial interview. This is an opportunity to discuss what accommodations are needed and have been used in the past. It is also a time to complete the paperwork that is necessary when applying for accommodations.

After accommodations have been approved, letters are sent to the student’s instructors and advisor. The student then notifies the instructors whenever he or she wishes to make use of an approved accommodation. The ADA Coordinator works with the instructors as needed to facilitate accommodations. Testing accommodations are generally provided by appointment in the CATS building.

It is the student’s responsibility to meet with the ADA Coordinator periodically to review progress and monitor the effectiveness of accommodations.

The following forms are available:

Requests for accommodation should be returned to:

Center For Achievement And Transition Services
Attn: ADA Coordinator
P.O. Box 10
Peru, NE 68421-0010

For more information, just call or stop by the CATS.

Assistive Technology

Please direct requests for assistive technology to the ADA Coordinator at