Peru State College
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CATS and TRIO-SSS Staff Member Peggy Groff
Peggy Groff

Student Success Coordinator

TRIO-Student Success Services

CATS 008


Peru State College SSS Project Logo


As a Student Success Coordinator for the TRIO project at PSC, I have the privilege of assisting and advising students as they journey through this portion of their lives. I coordinate the SSS Peer Mentor Program which is an integral part of our students’ college experience.   Having many years of experience at PSC has enabled me to become familiar with most areas on campus, so I can help students find answers and resources for their needs. 


Students are the best part of Peru State College!!!  This year is going to be full of learning and growing as we encourage students to work hard and take advantage of the programs and services that SSS offers. We want to helpstudents have the best year they've ever had, and my door is always open.  I have time to help with any need or concern you might have, and a bowl of candy to provide “quick” energy.  I look forward to having the opportunity to be part of your educational experience.