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CATS Staff Member Michael Lundy
Michael Lundy

Academic Support Coordinator

Writing and Speaking Lab

CATS 208

402.872.2215 (toll free 800-742-4412, ext. 2215)

Skype Username: michael.lundy59


I work in the Writing and Speaking Lab, upstairs in the Center For Achievement and Transition Services, assisting students in writing and speech preparation. I honestly enjoy writing and hope to help students understand its importance. I want you to know what it means to write at a high level and to know how to work towards that ideal for your academic and professional career. Writing is a tough business; but like all tough issues, hard work goes a long way toward success.


I received a MA-English degree from Northwest Missouri State University in 2008 and a MFA-Fiction degree from The University of Nebraska Writing Program in 2010. I live in Riverton, IA., near Nebraska City, and am currently an Adjunct English Professor at another institution.


I previously worked ten years at a private educational/treatment facility for adjudicated, at-risk youth, based on the Omaha Boystown Model, in NW Missouri on the campus of the old Tarkio College. When the facility closed, I went to grad school. I am writing a fictional/creative-nonfiction book on my experiences working with at-risk youth. As well, I write literary fiction.

Please consider what I believe to be the highest level in writing: Clarity. Achieving it isn’t easy. We don’t read it in average texts or witness it often. The real world often works purposefully against Clarity: media, advertising, TV/Hollywood, politics. We’ll work hard on our manuscripts with the ideal of Clarity always at the forefront.