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How do I get started?

What is an internship?

Finding an internship


Internship Experiences

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Forms for students:

Student Information Form Internship Training Agreement Internship Permit to Register Internship Learning Objectives




Forms for employers

Welcome to a new and challenging experience – an internship!


An internship gives you, the student, an opportunity to earn academic credit and possible income while applying classroom theory to a realistic work setting. The program enables employers, students, and the college to share in planned and meaningful work experiences.


As of August 1, 2013, the college Internship Supervisor is Dr. Julie Taylor-Costello, Library 103, 402-872-2207,


In order to register for an internship, each student must complete four forms. Failure to complete these forms accurrately will prolong and possibly hinder you from being registerd for your internship. The deadline to register for an internship is always the last day to withdraw for that semester's academic calendar. Be sure to start these forms early, so you can be registered before the deadline.


Before completing the forms, please read the following:

  • Review all the internship information provided to you on this site.
  • Visit with your advisor to determine the credit hours for your internship.
  • Internship Standards – One internship credit hour is equal to 40 hours of work. Example: three (3) credits x 40 hours = 120 hours of work documented on bi-weekly time sheets. The time sheet template is on the Internship Forms page.
  • A student may register from one (1) credit up to 12 credits for an internship. However, a student cannot register for more than 18 total hours during the semester you are completing your internship (18 credits includes regular class hours and intern credit hours). Only the Dean of the School may approve of more than 18 hours prior to setting up your internship.
  • Students are responsible for arranging their own internships. Please see the job search sites listed with Career Services for some internship listings. Or, please contact Julie if you need help getting started.
  • The last day to register for a Spring 2014 internship is Friday , February 14, 2014.

Julie Taylor-Costello

Internship Supervisor


Peru State College

600 Hoyt

Peru, NE 68421