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what can i do with this major?




What is an Internship?

Finding and Internship


How do I get started?



To begin the internship process:


1. You need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is an internship required for my degree?
  • When do I want to do an internship?
  • Would an internship enhance my education and possible future job search?
  • Can I afford to participate in an unpaid opportunity?
  • Where do I want to do my internship geographically?

2. Make an appointment with your advisor.

  • Discuss your career and internship goals and determine the appropriate number of internship credits based upon the program requirements.

3. Students are responsible for finding a sponsoring organization for an internship.

  • Identify possible intern sites or employers that interest you.
  • Make an appointment with the ICE director or your advisor to discuss your specific search and previous internships.
  • Register with JobZone (PSC online job and internship site) to search for posted internships.
  • Talk to your friends (and friends of friends) about internships they’ve either done or heard about.

4. Develop a search strategy by searching by specific companies of interest, industries of interest, or by geographic location.

  • Set up a schedule to call or e-mail prospective employers to visit about internship opportunities.
  • Begin applying to employers. Depending on the employer, you may be required to submit an application weeks or months prior to the start of the internship. Plan accordingly.
  • While waiting to hear back from employers about your application status, schedule a mock interview with Career Services to practice your interviewing skills and attend on-campus interview workshops.

5. You will need to develop tools to adhere to application procedures, such as error free resumes, cover letters, applications, and where necessary, writing samples or statement of philosophy.

  • Check resume and cover letter samples at the Career Services homepage.
  • Analyze the needs of the organization and internship responsibilities to personalize each cover letter and resume. 
  • Create a draft of your resume and submit to for editing.
  • Follow up with a telephone call on a date promised in your cover letter to make sure that all your materials are in and to inquire about the selection and interview process.
  • Be cognizant of deadlines of application deadlines and send materials to Career Services at least 10 days in advance.