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Internship Handbook


Internship Process

Internship Defined

Internship Search Resources

Internship Forms Information for Fall 2013.

  1. Fall 2013 Internships may begin as early as Monday, August 19 and end Friday, December 6.
  2. Last day to register for Fall 2013 is Friday, September 20, 2013.
  3. End-Of-Internship documents are due Friday, December 6.
  4. Internship tuition is off-campus rate per credit hour.


The required forms to initiate, register and complete your internship are available at this page.


Internship set-up and completion is illustrated in 11 Steps. Please read all ELEVEN (11) steps on this page thoroughly, so you are aware of all the requirements. Specifically, read the End-of-Internship documents which are due Noon, Friday, Dec. 6.


Visit with your advisor to determine the number of internship credit hours to complete. A student may register from one (1) credit up to 12 credits for an internship.


However, you cannot register for more than 18 total hours of credit during the semester you are completing your internship (18 hours includes regular classes and internship). Only the Dean of the School may approve of more than 18 hours prior

to registration of the internship.


1. Two forms: Training Agreement and Learning Objectives are completed with your internship employer or supervisor. Make an appointment with your employer to discuss what your responsibilities will be during your internship. If you are unable to make an in-office appointment with your employer, you will need to complete the forms to the best of your knowledge and then forward the forms to the employer via email or fax. The employer can edit or add any additional information, sign and return to you.

  • Training Agreement (click to open) Open the form and complete the fill-the-blank boxes. Save the file to a flash. Carry the flash with you to your employer appointment and complete or edit the form. Once completed, save and print. Both you and the employer must sign the form.
  • Learning Objectives (click to open). Open the form and complete the fill-the-blank boxes. Save the file to a flash. Carry the flash with you to your employer appointment and complete or edit the form. Once completed, save and print. Both you and the employer must sign the form.
  • Once completed, FAX both forms to Julie Taylor-Costello, Internship Supervisor, at 402-872-2437.

Approval of internship - The Training Agreement and Learning Objective will be reviewed by the Internship Supervisor and an email will note the APPROVAL of the Internship Assignment.



2. Registration forms - Two forms: The Permit to Register and Drop/Add forms will be completed by the student. Both forms may be typed (signature not required) and emailed to


  • Drop/Add (double click to open) typed and emailed to
3. Registration of the Internship credits :
  • Once the two registration forms are emailed to the Internship Supervisor, the forms will be reviewed to check the accuracy of your class information.
  • If the forms are correct, then the two forms will be sent to the Records Office.
  • The Records Staff will record the internship credits to your myPSC.

4. BLACKBOARD SHELL: Once you are registered, the coordinator will request a Blackboard Internship shell. The Blackboard (BB) shell will be used to submit your bi-weekly timesheets and other required documents to the ASSIGNMENTS section.The BB shell basically is a post office box, as no grading will be done at BB.


5. Essay and Discussion Board: Read the syllabus at Course Documents to review the one (1) essay and one (1)discussion board question requirements, etc. posted at BB.


6.Student Time Sheets - ( click to open). Interns are required to complete bi-weekly (every two weeks) time sheets and the time sheets are submitted to the ASSIGNMENT Section of your BB account. You may TYPE in your name and the supervisor's name on the time sheets. Signature is not required. Reminder - one (1) hour of credit is equal to 40 hours of recorded work on the time sheets.


7. Personal Data Release (open to complete) The intern must sign the personal data release form which permits Career Services the legal right to post the information on the Career Services website or publish in local newspapers, etc.


8. Picture and Quote:

  • Submit a picture of yourself at your internship site which illustrates you actually working. Do not send a close up of your face only. The picture will be used at the Career Services homepage, informing students of your experience. Give time and consideration to the picture you submit.
  • Also, include a three (3) sentence quote about what you learned and why it was a successful internship.
    1. Include your full name:
    2. major area of study
    3. year in college
    4. hometown
    5. name of internship organization
    6. city, state
9. Evaluation -(double click to open).
    • The evaluation is mandatory.
    • Print a copy of evaluation and give to your internship employer or supervisor two weeks before the end of your internship to allow adequate time to complete.
    • Evaluation must be signed by the employer or supervisor, due NOON, Friday, December 6. Fax the evaluation to 402-872-2437 or save as PDF and email to
    • "Typed" employer or supervisor's name will not be accepted. The Evaluation is worth 60 pts. of the total internship 150 pts.

10. End of Internship forms due Noon, Friday, December 6, 2013. You may submit the forms earlier than the deadline.

  • Final Portfolio Report instructions (click to open and print instructions so you write your paper according to the requirements.) This report is worth 30 of the 150 total internship points. Be sure to include all sections of instructions, do grammer check and visually proof your paper.
  • Resume:  Add the internship experience to the Work Experience section of your resume
  • One Essay – at Assignment section of BB
  • One Discussion Board – found at BB under Discussion Board
  • Personal Data Release
  • Picture of you at your work site - do not send a close-up face picture only.
  • Quote (3 sentences about your internship )
  • Evaluation (60 pts) must be Faxed to 402-872-2437
  • Copy of the Thank You letter you gave to your internship supervisor. Use professional letter format which includes your address, date and inside address of supervisor, salutation (Dear Ms. Smith or Mr. Johnson), closing and signature).

You may submit these documents earlier than due date. Grade lowered if submitted past due date (5 pts. each day late).


11. Grading Criteria (click to open) Read the grading criteria so you aware of the point value for all the forms. Total points for the internship is 150 pts.