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Purchasing Card - Agency Travel

A state purchasing Agency card (P-Card) simplifies the purchase and payment of certain items and services costing $5,000 or less.  The P-Card bank pays vendors directly for the purchases, and the College pays the bank twice per month for credit card charges.  Unless the College has a preferred vendor contract, departments may use the P-Card for purchase of supplies, small equipment and services from any vendor who accepts VISA.

The P-Card transactions are loaded automatically into SAP and post to the designated department budget.  SAP transactions are reconciled as the approved Payment Request form and documentation is received in the Business Office.  Sound business practices will be followed as the Business Office staff will reconcile the purchases made by the cardholder.

Purchasing Card Application Process

An employee must complete an application, with approval from the VP of Administration and Finance.

Issuing of Purchasing Cards

The P-Card bank issues all purchasing cards.  The purchasing card will be printed with the name State of Nebraska, Nebraska State Colleges, Sales Tax Exempt, and the employee name. 

Agency Travel - Purchasing Card Limits

The maximum single-purchase limit is $5,000 and the monthly spending limit is $25,000.

Purchasing Card Holder Responsibilities

Each P-Card holder is responsible for understanding and applying the policies and procedures related to the P-Card program.  Cardholder responsibilities include:

  1. Complete an application for a P-Card
  2. Review the policies and procedures with Business Office staff
  3. Ensure the physical security of the P-Card
  4. Report the loss of the card immediately to the bank and the Business Office
  5. Provide documentation to the Business Office immediately after purchase
  6. Confirm that delivered merchandise matches order
  7. Cardholder will retain monthly card statement
  8. Return the P-Card to the Business Office upon termination of employment

Documentation Requirements

A Payment Request form and supporting documentation must be turned in to the Business Office immediately following each purchase.  Supporting documentation examples are:

  1. Detailed receipts, invoices, internet orders (i.e. screen prints of the internet purchase)
  2. Packing slips, if the detailed purchase prices are included
  3. Subscription forms or dues statements
  4. Conference registration forms

Proper use of the Purchasing Card

  1. The purchase must be an allowable expense according to state statute
  2. Never send the P-Card number in an email, scan, or by fax
  3. Notify the vendor that Peru State College is Nebraska sales tax exempt

Acceptable Purchases

Examples of acceptable purchases include, but are not limited to:

  1. Books, educational materials and subscriptions
  2. Conference registrations
  3. Memberships
  4. Advertising services
  5. Athletic supplies
  6. Equipment parts/repair
  7. Laboratory supplies
  8. Airline tickets
  9. Lodging (room charge only)

Prohibited Purchases

  1. Personal use of any kind
  2. Cash advances
  3. Car rental
  4. Gasoline
  5. Restaurants
  6. Employee meals, food or beverage
  7. Gifts, donations, or gift cards
  8. Medical or drugs
  9. Payments to individuals for any reason
  10. Any item that exceeds the established transaction limit
  11. Any product or service normally considered to be inappropriate use of State Funds
  12. Purchases for a campus student organization.  PCARD transactions cannot be posted to a student organization account.

P-Card Controls

The responsibility for financial control of the P-Card resides with the department.  The department head (or director) is responsible for ensuring that purchases are made with competence and honesty.

Merchant Category Codes

Suppliers are assigned a four-digit code according to their Merchant Category Classification (MCC) and are used in our system as a way to block certain supplier purchases.  Only MCC codes which are identified as allowable will be opened by State Accounting.  If a P-Card purchase is denied, contact the Business Office.  The Business Office will request State Accounting to open the blocked code temporarily.

Rebates, Rewards, or Promotional Items

No rebates, rewards, or promotional items may be accepted by the cardholder or purchaser as a result of the P-Card transaction for his/her personal use.  These may be accepted by the cardholder’s department for appropriate departmental/institutional business use.

Contact Information

To report a lost/stolen card or disputed item:
US Bank Customer Service at 800-344-5696, and the Business Office 872-2211
Questions regarding the purchasing card program should be directed to the Business Office.

Misuse or fraudulent use of P-Card

Misuse or fraudulent use of purchasing card may subject the responsible employee to disciplinary action or termination. 

Report misuse or fraudulent use of purchasing card:

VP of Administration and Finance:  402-872-2224
Business Office:  402-872-2211