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Spring 2014


Important Notice Important Notice: There will no longer be paper bills mailed out.  It will be the responsibility of the student to log into myPSC, to view their account for any revised billing charges or financial aid award changes.


Also includes all enrollments for Online & Distance Education Courses.


Payment Deadlines

Spring 2014

  • January 27, 2014 - Full 16 Week Session
  • January 27, 2014 - 1st 8 Week Session
  • March 31, 2014 - 2nd 8 Week Session
  • Graduate Cohort Classes- due 2 weeks after course begin date


* Billing due dates are also posted in myPSC


Student Bills

Paper billing statements are no longer mailed to students, but there will be an electronic billing statement available in the student’s Self-Service area of MyPSC.  It is the student’s responsibility to view their account charges in MyPSC and share the information with their parent or guardian.


Fall semester tuition and fees charged are calculated and posted in MyPSC in July, and the spring semester charges are calculated and posted in MyPSC in December.  An email communication will be sent to the student’s campus email address as soon as the charges are available to view online.


Students are subject to administrative withdrawal due to non-payment.

Payment Methods

Pay in full with:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Online Bill Pay Through myPSC (VISA, MasterCard or Discover)
  • Credit Card by phone (VISA, MasterCard or Discover)


Payment Plans

16 Week Session or Enrollment in Both the 1st and 2nd 8 Week Session*


1st 8 Week Session*

2nd 8 Weeks Session*


Click here to access the Spring 2014 Payment Plan Form


* A deferment fee of 1% of the total charges will be applied per semester

* A late fee will be assessed for delinquent payments after the due date


Book vouchers

Book vouchers are available to students whose “accepted” financial aid award amount exceeds the tuition, fees, room, and board charges.  The amount of the book voucher will be limited to the amount of the anticipated refund amount.

  • Online enrolled students may contact the Business Office at 402-872-2211 or to request a book voucher.  Book vouchers will not be approved after 5:00 p.m. January 10th.
  • On-campus enrolled students may stop by the Business Office to request a book voucher.  Book vouchers will not be approved after 5:00 p.m. January 24th.

Financial Aid

Pending financial aid does not extend the payment deadline.  We suggest enrolling in a payment plan to avoid further late payment fees and begin making payments until the financial aid has been credited to the student account.


If a student receives federal financial aid awards based upon full-time status and then drops below full-time status, a portion of the federal financial aid may need to be returned to the federal government.  The student would be responsible for the repayment of the returned funds.  The same is true for any student who has received federal financial aid awards based upon the enrollment status at which they were awarded.  Please check with the Financial Aid office if you have questions regarding how dropping a class or classes will affect your financial aid awards.

Late Payments

A late payment fee will be assessed on accounts which are not paid by the due date. There will be a charge assessed equal to 2% of the unpaid balance.


Student Refunds

The first financial aid disbursement of the semester will occur on Monday, January 20th, and student refund checks should be available no later than Friday, January 24th.  An email communication will be sent as soon as the refund checks are available. 

  • On-campus enrolled students may pick up refund checks at the Business Office.  Please bring a photo i.d.
  • Students whose enrollment is entirely off-campus or internet based will receive their refund check through the mail.  An email communication will be sent to notify students when the checks are being mailed.

After January 24th, financial aid disbursements and refunds will continue to be processed on a weekly basis.  Refund checks should be available to students by Wednesday of each week.  An email communication will be sent to notify students of the availability of refund checks.

Dropped Courses

To receive full financial credit or a refund for dropping an enrolled course, you must drop your course by the following scheduled drop dates:



Must Drop By This Date to Receive Refund

Regular Semester Classes (16 Weeks) Sunday, January 19, 2014

1st – 8 Week Session Classes

Sunday, January 12, 2014

2st - 8 Week Session Classes

Sunday, March 16, 2013


Students withdrawing from a course after the start date are not eligible for a credit or refund for that course.

Withdrawal From College



Students who withdraw completely from college will receive prorated credit according to the following scheduled percentages:


Prorated Tuition Schedule


16 Week Semester Course

Withdrawal Date Percentage Refunded
1st Week 100%
2nd - 8th Week 50%
After 8th Week 0%


8 Week Semester Course

Withdrawal Date Percentage Refunded
1st Week 100%
2nd - 4th Week 50%
After 4th Week 0%


Warning - withdrawing from college may also affect your financial aid awards. If you have already received a refund from excess financial aid, you may need to repay a portion of the financial aid according to the federal prorating guidelines for a withdrawal student.


Withdrawal request forms are available from:


Mr. Dan Fender

Licensed Student Counselor

Peru State College CATS, Room 203

P.O. Box 10, Peru, NE 68421

Phone: 402-872-2369 or toll free 800-742-4412, ext. 2369

Fax: 402-872-2437



Student account balances which are past due will be assigned a hold in MyPSC.  This will prevent future enrollment and receipt of College transcripts until the balance has been paid in full.