Natural Science
Social Science

The School of Arts and Sciences offers majors in Art, English, Liberal Arts, Mathematics, Music, Natural Science, and the Social Sciences. A curriculum has been developed for each of these areas that is designed to meet specific degree requirements and provide preparation for careers in teaching and non-teaching professions, and to satisfy a wide variety of career goals by providing prerequisites for graduate and professional study, offering teaching endorsements at the secondary level, and providing coursework for personal enrichment.

The English major includes English or Language Arts. The Natural Science major includes Biological Science, Biochemical Science, Wildlife Ecology, and Nuclear Technology. Social Science major includes History and the broader area of Social Sciences. Majors in the visual and performing arts areas provide various teaching and nonteaching options in Art and Music.

Minors are available in 2-D Art, 3-D Art, Art Graphic Design, Biology, Chemistry, English, History, Journalism, Mathematics, Music, Political Science and Social Science. A grade of “C” or better is required to fulfill the requirements.

Teacher education programs offer endorsements in Art, Biology, Chemistry, History, Language Arts, English, Vocal/Instrumental Music Education, Elementary Vocal Music Education, Natural Science, Mathematics, Physical Science, and the Social Sciences.

Arts and Science Faculty also sponsor events for area schools, including History Day, High School Mathematics Contest, Jazz and Show Choir Festivals, Theatre Events/Productions and the Peru State Times.