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Deb Clopton
Deb Clopton

Contact Information:

Office: Hoyt 304



Office Hours: W and R: 12:30-2:00 or by appt.




14 Fall Course Offerings:

Biol 102 (section 000D & 000E) - Introductory Zoology Lab


15 Spring Course Offerings:

Biol 101 (section 000B & 000C) - Botany Lab

Biol 102 (section 000B) - Zoology Lab


Laboratory for Gregarine Parasitology Website



Deb Clopton is an adjunct faculty member serving as a laboratory instructor for Zoology.  Prior to her arrival at Peru State College she conducted research as a laboratory technician at Texas A&M University and University of Nebraska – Lincoln in reproductive physiology and developmental biology.  She has instructed laboratories in General Biology, Zoology, Ornithology, Prairie Ecology and Physiology.  She is currently working with Dr. Richard Clopton on the evolution of gregarines in damselflies and cockroaches in an attempt to understand the forces underlying speciation in hyperdiverse parasitic lineages.