Writing Grants

Thanks for your interest in applying for a grant.

Be sure to read Board Policy 6024: Income; Non-State Funds before proceeding. 

Please consider the following questions as you prepare your application and discuss with your Dean.

  1. Will faculty or staff be paid as part of the grant?
    • If yes, how will that pay occur: stipends, adjunct replacement, overload, other.
    • If yes, be sure to include the fringe rate as part of your application.
  2. Are indirects available as part of the grant? (Not applicable if the grant is from state granting agencies.)
    • If yes, how will indirects be used?
    • If no, consult with the VPAA if the College administrative fee will be assessed.
  3. Is there a cash match required from Peru State? What will that be used for and what is the source of those funds?
  4. Is there an in-kind match requirement?
  5. Will there be a commitment from Peru State past the period of the grant? What will be the source of the funding for this maintenance of effort?
    • If Yes, your grant may require prior approval. Be sure to consult with the VPAA as soon as possible if this is the case.
  6. Is there any kind of documentation that must be signed by a Peru State college official prior to submission?
    • If  yes, then forward grant application  to the VPAA who will review and forward to VPAF. Be sure to include all information about the grant application.

After discussing the previous questions with your Dean, proceed to complete the following and send to the VPAA who will review and forward to the VPAF:

Grant Opportunities (updated periodically)