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General Studies Requirements For All Programs

General Studies Progress Sheet (PDF 59.4KB) | Global Studies Courses (PDF 17.2KB)

General Studies Transfer Program


The purpose of the General Studies Program at Peru State College is to prepare the student for advanced college work as well as for lifelong learning. The General Studies Program consists of specific courses that are designed to assist the student in acquiring the intellectual foundation that will last for a lifetime of learning.


The objectives of the General Studies Program are established in the Role and Mission statement. This statement requires that Peru graduates

  1. "can write, speak, and compute effectively,
  2. are computer literate,
  3. can think critically and independently,
  4. are open to and have the capacity for change,
  5. are prepared to assume their social and civic roles as leaders in an increasingly interdependent world, and
  6. are equipped to pursue lives that are intellectually, ethically, aesthetically, and physically rewarding.”

Courses required in the major area of study may not be used to fulfill General Studies Program requirements. The College encourages students to earn one (1) or more minor areas of study. Minors can give students greater career flexibility, while allowing them to explore indepth another topic of interest beyond the major. To many employers and graduate program admissions committees, minors demonstrate a greater breadth of understanding and capacity for initiative, which is highly valued. Courses taken toward a minor may also count toward general studies requirements or major requirements, but not toward both.