Scholarly and Creative Activity

Peru State faculty are annually required to provide “evidence of continuing preparation and study through scholarly and/or creative activities and achievements related to the primary area of employment and/or supporting scholarship of teaching and learning” (SCEA Agreement, p. 9).

Article of the SCEA Agreement provides a list of potential achievements and projects that may be included in scholarly and creative activity. The information here provides resources for Peru State faculty to assist with their work in this area.

Scholarly and creative work is documented each year on the Professional Activities Report (PAR).

For Further Reading

  • Tips for Planning Your Research Agenda (University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth)
    “It’s important to consider your agenda, how you are developing it, whether or not you can sustain it over a period of time, and the ways in which you are contributing to the larger conversations in your field. Here are some thoughts and tips.”
  • A Junior Faculty Member’s Journey to Tenure (Williams, 2017)
    “What follows are a few things that I wish someone — senior faculty members, senior administrators or newly minted tenured faculty members — would have whispered in my ears as I prepared for tenure. They are just a few indicators on how to avoid self-sabotage — or as Yeats would say, a “vexed to nightmare” movement on the way toward tenure.”
Submission or Publication of Scholarly Work
Exhibition or Performance of Creative Works
Classroom Research
Presentations To and Positions in Professional Organizations
Obtaining or Applying for Grants
Consulting Activities
Student Research
Obtaining Additional Degrees or Certifications
Continued Involvement in Professional Organizations